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Washing your face seems like such an easy breezy task—just slather on cleanser, rinse it off and voila, right?!  Think again. While it is a simple process, there are a few things you should take into consideration in order to get the most out of your cleansing ritual.  Check out my steps below on how to properly wash that pretty face of yours (twice a day, might I add—morning and night!): 


Make sure you have a product that’s tailored to your skin type

Not all cleansing products are created equal, so it’s super important to read labels for ingredients, skin type, etc. Nowadays there are many skin type-specific products to choose from that help combat oil, acne, aging spots and more. Washing your face with the wrong formula can lead to unwanted breakouts and irritation, so choose your cleansing product wisely!


Make sure your face is clean

I know, it sounds crazy, but I always use a cotton pad or makeup remover wipe to swipe off caked on makeup prior to washing my face. The end goal is to clean your skin, and in order to do so it’s ideal for your cleanser to be able to seep into your pores—which is hard to do if you have foundation and the whole nine yards clogging them.  


Water temperature matters

Lukewarm water is key when washing your face, as it helps open up the pores so the cleanser can do its job properly—get rid of the dirt! If the water is too hot, it will dry your skin out. If the water is too cold, it will close and tighten your pores, which means your cleanser won’t be able to remove excess dirt and oil.


All you need is a dime size amount!

Really, that's all you need to get the job done. Lather the cleanser in your hands and apply all over your face (don’t forget your neck!) in a circular motion. The key here is to be very gentle, as you don’t want to risk pulling or tearing your skin. The same rule goes for cream cleansers that don’t foam—which I have become super obsessed with lately, by the way. They’re less harsh and won’t remove the good oils on your face like some of the foaming formulas do.


Rinse and pat

Once you’ve finished cleansing your face, rinse off the cleanser with water that’s a temperature between lukewarm and cool. FYI, using a washcloth to rub cleanser off your face can cause irritation to your skin—it’s just too rough. Once you’ve rinsed, grab a clean towel and pat—key word pat—your skin dry. Once dry, follow up with your favorite toner, serum and moisturizer.  


It might seem like a lot of steps at first, but this really is the most effective way to get your skin in tip-top shape. Clean skin is the happiest skin, so don’t skimp out on washing your face!



Jennifer Rice

Guest Blogger & Beauty Expert

About Jennifer Rice:  Jenn is a beauty publicist-turned writer, who’s natural instinct is to hoard any and every beauty product that lands on her desk.  Jenn spent seven fab years in New York before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah where she currently resides.  She still makes frequent trips back to New York City to attend New York Fashion Week and to absorb city life. Her work has appeared on,,, and, as well as in City Weekly Newspaper, Revolv Magazine and Nail It! Magazine.