• Collagen Hydrating Serum

    Collagen Hydrating Serum

    Experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation with Wilma Schumann's Collagen Hydrating Serum—a skincare essential that redefines the meaning of youthful, radiant skin. This serum is meticulously crafted with a powerful blend of ingredients,...
  • oxygen-moisturizing-serum

    Oxygen Moisturizing Serum

    Experience the rejuvenating power of oxygen with Wilma Schumann's Oxygen Moisturizing Serum – a luxurious skincare solution designed to revitalize your complexion and enhance your skin's natural radiance. Oxygen is essential for cell renewal and...
  • Purifying Cleanser Gel

    Purifying Cleanser Gel

    Take your skincare routine with the Wilma Schumann Purifying Cleanser Gel—an invigorating solution for a refreshed, radiant complexion. This gentle yet effective cleanser is designed to remove impurities, makeup, and excess oil without stripping...
  • Moisture Intensiv™ Restorative Crème

    Moisture Intensiv™ Restorative Crème

    Indulge your skin in luxurious hydration with Wilma Schumann's Moisture Intensiv Restorative Creme, a skincare essential that transforms dry, dull skin into a radiant, supple complexion. This restorative creme is carefully formulated with a rich blend...
  • Oil-Free Nourishing Serum

    Oil-Free Nourishing Serum

    Improve the Appearance of Damaged Skin - A light serum extracted from Omega-3 rich Salmon caviar that nourishes your skin via moisturization Contains amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins Concentrated serum formulated to hydrate and...
  • Moisture Activ™ Gel-Crème

    Moisture Activ™ Gel-Crème

    Experience the ultimate in hydration and rejuvenation with Wilma Schumann's Moisture Activ Gel Creme. This innovative formula is a game-changer for thirsty skin, delivering a surge of moisture and revitalization. Infused with a powerful blend of...
  • Hydra-Gel Masques (Collagen)

    Hydra-Gel Masques (Collagen)

    Professional Treatment Gel Masques for Deep Skin Hydration - Easy to use, single application gel masques saturated with hydrating, soothing or nourishing ingredients Collagen for boosting your skin's moisture Add one of these anti-aging boost masques...