Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just found out about Wilma Schumann Skin Care. How long have you been around?

Welcome to Wilma Schumann! Although we may be new to you, we’ve been around for more than 30 years now. Our company started its journey in Germany in 1976. At that time, skin care technology and professional skin care services were really in their infancy. We moved operations to the United States in 1987. Since then, we’ve been one of the leading companies in professional skin care with operations in Canada, South America, Asia and Europe and distributed at 1000’s of spa’s, skin care centers and Physician’s offices worldwide. You’re in good hands with Wilma Schumann Skin Care. For more information go to our About Wilma Schumann page.

2. With so many skin care options… what makes your company and products different from other brands?

Probably the best question you can ask! Well, here’s a short list of what makes us different and we believe, better than any other quality brand out there.

a) Simple daily regimens. Effective ingredients. Uncompromising Results.
b) Luxurious products, delicious fragrances, ultra hydration and repair
c) 30 years of professional and consumer tested experience
d) Trusted by skin care professionals worldwide
e) Highly concentrated serums and emulsions for better product penetration
f) Medically inspired, Dermo-Esthetic products that provide outstanding results
g) Easy to use products that offer solutions for specific skin concerns
h) Reasonably priced, attractive and high-end product line
i) Ingredient driven formulations, our money goes into our products, not into advertising…
j) and much more…

3. I have questions on Shipping charges, Payment terms, Return procedures, Privacy policies and other such questions. Where can I read about these?

Please go to the bottom of our Home page to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies and a description of all of our Policies and Procedures will appear. Or, click here, Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy to be automatically connected.

4. What is the first thing I need to do to take care of my skin?

We recommend cleansing your face mornings and evenings with one of our water-soluble cleansers (Soothing Cleanser Milk, Balancing Cleanser Milk or Purifying Cleanser Gel) and Gentle Skin Scrub, according to skin type. It is always best to use the Soothing & Balancing Toner or Purifying Astringent Pads after cleansing to rebalance your skin. Proper cleansing is the first step towards perfect skin!

5. What do I do to protect my skin from the sun?

No matter the season or the climate you should always protect your skin from the sun. Apply Moisture Protectiv™ Day Crème after nourishing your skin in the morning. Let the Moisture Protectiv™ Day Crème set before applying your make-up.

NOTE: Using Vitamin C Elixir in the morning, before applying Moisture Protectiv™, will provide additional protection from the sun as well. This takes place in the deeper layers of the skin and can't be washed or rubbed off.

6. What do I do to maintain a healthy and well balanced skin?

Go to our Skin Concerns / Basic Regimens page and select the right Basic Regimen Kit for your skin type. You may also go to the Instant Product Recommendation page and answer the questions there. The program will provide you with a basic regimen and other products that will ensure that you maintain healthy and well balanced skin. Also, consult with a skin care professional every 4 - 8 weeks, eat a well balanced diet and take mulit-vitamins. Healthy skin is not just about topical intervention but also needs to include the entire body and total well-being of the person.

7. Can I fix damage that resulted from frequent sun exposure?

The general rule of thumb is that it takes as long to repair damage as it did to create the damage. There are many things that we can do now to help alleviate and in some cases repair existing sun damage. For milder damage, the simple act of topical application of restorative products and the prevention of any further damage has shown great results. We recommend Vitamin C Elixir which contains Vitamin C to build your natural collagen and Oil-Free Nourishing Serum or DNA Replenishing Serum to repair your skin. For more severe damage we recommend that you consult a Dermatologist.

8. I just had micro-dermabrasion or acid or laser peel. What product do you recommend?

Collagen Hydrating Serum is an excellent product to encourage wound healing. It has also been beneficial in the treatment of burn patients, post procedural irritation and scarring. Collagen Hydrating Serum hydrates the skin, attracts moisture, and aids the skin in its ability to retain moisture. Oil-Free Nourishing Serum or DNA Replenishing Serum help rebuild skin by nourishing skin cells (Oil-Free Nourishing Serum is for Oily / Acne-Prone Skin and DNA Replenishing Serum is for Dry and/or Mature Skin). Both of these serums can be used after a micro-dermabrasion or acid peel and they will improve damaged skin. We also recommend Soothing Facial Mask to help cool the skin and help the healing process.

9. Can I layer products on together or do I have to put them on separately?

Our products may be applied together and layering is encouraged. Wilma Schumann Skin Care recommends applying our serums first and our moisturizers last because the latter will form a barrier on the skin to hold in moisture. Vitamin C Elixir should be applied preferably in the morning after cleansing the skin. After application, allow the product absorb into the skin. Exfoliating Facial Serum should be applied only at night after cleansing. Read all instructions for the best use of each product.

10. What products do you recommend for acne?

Oxygen Moisturizing Serum - powerful antibacterial effect. Acne bacteria cannot live in an oxygen rich environment present in the Oxygen Moisturizing serum. Use this as a moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin.

Exfoliating Facial Serum - helps clear the pores of acne prone skin and exfoliates dead and damaged skin cells, but is not recommended for irritated or aggravated breakouts.

Oil-Free Nourishing Serum  - especially formulated as a repair treatment for oily, acne or damaged skin. Derived from the Salmon Roe (caviar), this substance provides the skin with the building blocks naturally used by the skin cells in rebuilding healthy tissue.

Blemarex™ Acne Gel - has the ability to disinfect and assist the skin in its healing process.

11. Where can I get more questions answered on Wilma Schumann Skin Care Products?

You can visit our Contact page. You can also email us at cs@wilmaschumann.com or call us at 1-800-440-3032 or 305-663-5750.

Thank you for your interest in Wilma Schumann Skin Care and welcome to the (R)evolution in skin care.