• Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum

    Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum

    Elevate your skincare routine and unlock the secret to youthful, radiant eyes with the Wilma Schumann Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum. Designed to target the delicate skin around your eyes, this serum is your key to a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance...
  • Ultra Eyes Kit

    Ultra Eyes Kit

    Our Next Level Eye Kit -  A powerful Ultra Eye Area Rescue kit for everyday use! The Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum and Eye Intensiv™ Hydrating Crème are designed to work together to allow deeper penetration of ingredients...
  • Bright Eyes Kit

    Bright Eyes Kit

    Ultimate Eye Enhancing Kit -  A powerful Eye Area Rescue kit for everyday use! The Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum and the Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads are designed to work together to minimize fine lines, calm puffiness, hydrate and brighten the...
  • Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

    Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

    Rejuvenate and revitalize your under-eye area with the luxurious Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads—an essential addition to your skincare regimen for a refreshed and youthful appearance. These eye pads are infused with a potent blend of...
  • Eye Intensiv™ Hydrating Crème

    Eye Intensiv™ Hydrating Crème

    Elevate your eye care routine with Wilma Schumann's Eye Intensive Hydrating Creme, a luxurious solution for achieving brighter, more youthful-looking eyes. This advanced formula is specially designed to provide deep hydration to the delicate skin around...