Our Promises

1) Wilma Schumann Skin Care understands today’s woman. We’re aware of the ever increasing demands placed on you. That is why we’re committed to bringing to you a skin care system that is simple, effective and results-driven. We’re delighted that we can bring to your skin, extraordinary products that let your beauty shine through.

2) We will not add complexity to your skin care regimen. The pursuit of fleeting youth is over. Gracious and healthy aging is here to stay…and that’s our promise.

3) We understand, respect, and promote your right to excellent products. We pride ourselves in the fact that our products are Dermatologist, Clinically and Allergy tested. We are easy to understand, gentle on the skin and contain a high concentration of active ingredients. You will always get proven result and flawless skin…at a reasonable price. Because, quite frankly, skin care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective.

So… what are you waiting for?! Let the world see your gorgeous skin! Our job is simply to help you glow, be radiant and age-defying. You’re already Beautiful!     

About our Founder, Wilma Schumann

Our founder, Wilma Schumann, a single mother of two, arrived in the US from Germany in 1980. She epitomized today’s woman; positive, courageous, practical, and self-reliant. For Wilma, a great education, an esthetics license, and a passion for great skin care were her strengths. Success took many years to achieve, 20 years to be exact. Hard work, sacrifice, risks, and sheer determination allowed her to achieve victory and find a new respect for a woman’s strength, beauty and value.

Today, our founder’s philosophy lives on in everything we do. We love helping women achieve their own beauty. Every single one of you has the potential for glowing, soft, ageless skin. Join the thousands of skin care professionals worldwide that use our line every day. Trust us with your skin care health and give your skin the radiance it deserves!

Our Social Commitment

Wilma Schumann Skin Care is proud to support the following organizations: