We all know yoga is wonderful at making you flexible, adding inner peace and twisting your body into weird pretzel shapes.  But did you know about all the other beauty benefits from this 2000 year old practice?  Yoga enthusiasts are multiplying by the hundreds.  Seems you can’t read a health article without someone recommending yoga for something.  Are you stressed?  Do yoga.  Do you have insomnia?  Do yoga.  Do you have a cavity? Ok, just kidding… but you get the point.  So, if you haven’t been hooked for exercise reasons, check out how yoga can make you younger, prettier and sexier.  We think you will be hooked after reading this!


1. Detoxifies your body

Yoga helps blood circulation and detoxes your body through the lymphatic system, which delivers harmful matter to the lymph nodes where any bacteria will be excreted instead of returning to the bloodstream.  Unlike all other regular exercises, yoga is the best at detoxifying because every twist squeezes and activates the digestive organs, which speed elimination of toxins giving you clearer skin, bright eyes, and added energy.


2. Alleviates stress

Between the endless emails, work, kids, and house chores, you feel overbooked from now to eternity.  While stress is getting the best of you, your body is getting the worst.  Yoga is one of the best overall practices for relieving stress for many reasons, but the most powerful one: your breath.  All that slow deep breathing is the basis of how you distress and calm the “monkey mind”.  The diaphragm is the muscle used when breathing, that when controlled with specific breath patterns (called Pranayama), will relax your body.  And, when you’re relaxed, you not only feel great but you also look great!


3. Makes your skin glow

Forget all that bronzed make up!  And besides who wants to look like Snooki?  Go for the real glow from the inside out.  Several yoga poses are wonderful for bringing out your skin’s luminosity.  Inversions in particular are always recommended for skin conditions such as acne or dullness.  A specific pose called Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall) is the #1 prescription for increasing circulation while cleansing your pores.  Just remember to always warm up before trying this and make sure that you stand up slowly.


4. Strike a pose!

Yoga is the top exercise for posture and flexibility.  Here’s a secret about posture: you can look up to 10 pounds thinner just with posture alone!  You will also look taller and more confident, all of which will translate into guess what?  Looking gorgeous!  Flexibility and posture are as important as exercise because there’s no point doing all that ab work if you’re midsection looks wider because of poor posture.  When you strengthen your back and shoulders while keeping your head up high and proud, you immediately become more attractive. Now, don’t blame us for the added attention…


Besides being great for keeping you young and pretty, the advantage of yoga is that it embraces any age, gender and fitness level.  Part of the philosophy of yoga is accepting everything and everyone with open arms while adding tranquility to your life.  Go get your mat and Ommm your way to beauty.