RESULTS - Now, we bring it all together and suggest a daily regimen for healthy skin and body.

OK, , here’s the selection of products that we recommend based on the answers that you shared with us.

Maintain: Basic Regimen Kit
Treat: Solutions for all your skin concerns
Protect: Effective formulations to defend your skin from environmental damage.
And finally, here's our comment regarding visits to your skin care professional.


Product Recommendation Tool

Note: (The following Maintain, Treat, and Protect, Instant Product Recommendation Program is designed as a helpful guide in the selection of Wilma Schumann Skin Care products. Although this program is quite accurate, only your licensed skin care professional can provide you with a thorough and accurate product recommendation after performing a proper skin analysis. We suggest that you visit our “Available At” section to locate a licensed skin care professional in your area.)
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MAINTAIN (First, let's establish your skin type and determine your Basic Regimen Kit)
1. What skin type would you say that you have? (Please choose 1 only)
Dry / Sensitive (tight, itchy, flaky, sensitive, blotchy, reddened)
Normal / Combination (mostly feels normal but some areas are oily, T-zones)
Oily / Acne Prone (mostly shiny and oily with occasional blemishes)
TREAT (Next, let's determine which skin concerns you want to address)
2. What are your more important skin concerns? (Please choose up to 2 only)
Anti-aging (fine lines, damage, sagging, large pores)
Sensitive & Irritated (treat irritation, redness, dryness, sensitivity)
Eye Area Treatment (reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around eyes)
Blemish Control (minimize blemishes, acne and excess oil)
Skin Renewal (renew dull and lifeless skin due to age or environmental damage)
Lightening & Brightening (soften age spots, discoloration or uneven tone)
Skin Health (Improve skin topically and from within)
3. Do you breakout often? (Please choose 1 only)
Rarely / Never
Sometimes (one or two blemishes, once or twice per month)
Often (a few blemishes, 3 or more times a month)
Always (multiple blemishes, almost all the time)
4. How old are you? (Please choose 1 only)
less than 25 years old
25 to 35
36 to 45
46 to 55
56 to 65
66 and older
5. How often do you visit your licensed skin care professional (facialist, esthetician or dermatologist)? (Please choose 1 only)
Once or twice per year
Three to six times per year
Six or more times per year
PROTECT (Finally, let's protect you from any new environmental damage. This is arguably the most important component in achieving the skin you want!)
6. Do you tan? (Please choose 1 only)
No, always seem to burn only
Sometimes tan but not a lot
Pretty much, I get a nice tan
Yes, I tan a lot
7. Your greatest environmental concerns are... (Please choose up to 2 only)
Sun Damage
Smoking and toxins
Collagen depletion
Moisture loss from cold and/or dry air