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Before & After


Welcome to the Before & After Pictures page. Below you will find a series of pictures that show the undeniable effects of our products over specific time period.

“We’ve selected Wilma Schumann’s Collagen Hydrating Serum as our Product of the month”.

-Vogue Magazine

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After 30 Days of Use:

Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum



After 30 Days of Use:

Vitamin C Elixir



After 30 Days of Use:

Moisture Activ Gel-Creme



After 30 Days of Use:

Oxygen Moisturizing Serum



After 30 Days of Use:

Soothing Serum



“Believe it or not, fresh faced Christina Applegate is plagued by (shhh!) under eye bags. That’s why she armed herself with the puffy-eye cure du jour, Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum by Wilma Schumann.”

- People Magazine

“Wilma Schumann Skin care has been a faithful partner of our highly successful Plastic Surgery practice and has proven to go the extra mile when it comes to quality, education and support…Our patients absolutely love the products and swear by their results. We can’t say enough about this company and it’s people…”

- Dr. Gregory Dick,Rockville, MD

“Our estheticians have had very positive results with the Wilma Schumann Products.”

- Ronada K. Spa Director Kenneth Salon Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York, NY

“We have chosen the Wilma Schumann skin care line at our spa because of the high quality products and the high standards that the company has when it comes to their products. We have been using the products in all of our facial services as well as selling to our clients. Everyone loves the product.”

- Melissa T. Spa Director The Spa at Emerald Grande Destin, FL

“As a Registered Nurse and a practicing esthetician for 31 years, believe me I’ve tried all the products out there! Wilma Schumann Skin Care’s combination of easy to follow protocols, reasonable pricing and my client’s satisfaction make using this line the only choice for me!”

- Lori T. RN and Esthetician Nuances Skin Care Rockville, MD.

I've been using these products for over 10 years. I had severe adult acne and rosacea.  I went to different dermatologists and they all wanted to put me on really strong antibiotics and they never cleared up my skin.  They made my skin very dry to the point of cracking and then all the side effects of antibiotics (upset stomach, headaches). I was introduced to Wilma and she helped me clear up my skin and I've been using her products ever since.  She taught me how to take care of my skin from hygiene to moisturizing.  I no longer have to wear makeup to hide scars or acne. My skin is clear and I am no longer self-conscious. When I had very bad acne I use to avoid going out because I was embarrassed. It was the worst feeling ever.  I have very sensitive/dry skin and react to most products - drug store brand and department brand name. I'm really happy these products are available online since Wilma retired a while ago and it's been a challenge to purchase them locally where I live. 

- Milagros Leonardo, Palm Beach, FL

I've been using Wima Schumann skincare for 2 1/2 months and I'm a huge fan. These products are perfect for the South Florida climate I live in, they are very light weight and hydrating at the same time. I was introduced to them at Palm Beach Academy where I'm a student in a skin care class. I've used many different lines and brands over the years and either they do not work, they are too active and are irritating to the skin or have questionable ingredients i.e. parabens, dmae, etc. With Wilma Schumann products my skin looks great and I know I'm putting quality product on my skin. I will be using and recommending these products for a long time.

- Kelly King, Boca Raton, FL

The above pictures show the undeniable effects of our products over specific time periods. None of these pictures were retouched. All subjects are active Wilma Schumann users. No compensation was paid to any of the subjects. Results may vary, depending on multiple factors.