top fall trends

September is around the corner and seems like designers have been working relentlessly on making sure that we look exquisite for the fall season.  If only we would have worked as hard at saving for our new cloths, ahhh… well that’s a different blog ;)  But back to our new wardrobe!  So many new trends, fabrics, and colors - some gorgeous yet others a bit eccentric.  But if you like to stand out in a crowd, this season is for you! 


1. Robe Coats

This has to be the most comfy trend of fall and you can take a cue from Hugh Hefner with this effortlessly stylish robe that includes a waist cinching belt.  So basically, it’s a robe with a tighter belt all made with very high end and luxurious fabric.  Did we mention it is a ROBE??  Ok, so this is one relaxed style for which you won’t need to give up desert.  At last!  Thank you Paris.  (As seen in Chloe, Altuzarra, and Richard Chai Love)


2. Oversized Everything
Finally the Olsen twins got what they wanted!  Now we’re all going to be wearing clothes like we ended up with the wrong size from a black Friday sale stampede.  This fashion style makes it totally ok for you to go from curling up on the couch wrapped in huge fabric to strolling down Fifth Avenue without having to change clothes.  As much as you may love or hate this trend, we feel it will end up being the man repellent of the season, so beware ladies how you put this look together!  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.  (As seen in Phoebe Philo at Céline)


3. Sneakers

It’s good bye to the super pointy, super tall heels that makes you want to run back home in tears after a night out or make you wish you were born a man so you didn’t have to wear such punishing shoes!  Designers have declared that fall is the time for le chic sneaker!  The best part of this trend is that sneakers are being paired with super classy and sexy clothes, so just because you’re wearing sneakers does not mean you’re going to be sporting your giant sweatpants.  Or pull the “I am doing laundry” look.  This trend is about being cool and sexy with uber stylish sneakers that may cost as much as a pair of Louboutins!  Yep.  But hey, at least you’ll be able to end the night in comfort bliss.  (As seen in Chanel and DKNY).


4. Sixties Style
Sexy is back with the decade of peace and love!  The 60’s where everywhere on the runway with models in tiny shift dresses, knee high boots, mini skirts, and black tights.  All with colorful patterns and color blocking perfect for the gloomy days of fall.  You won’t be swimming in a sea of gray this season with this super flirty trend that’s reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot and all the seductive vibe that reigned in the wonder years of the 1960’s.  If the oversize trend is the man repellent, we think this one will be the man magnet.  Get ready to get a lot of attention!  (As seen in Valentino, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and DSquared)


5. Western
Yeehaw for hats, boots, harnesses, and fringe!  This fall we’re talking about those nice felt hats with wide brims.  The western influence this season is an edgy take on the classic style.  We think it looks great when you take ONLY one or two pieces and adapt it to your current wardrobe instead of going for a full blown western look - or you may risk looking like you’re the only cowgirl celebrating Halloween!  So, just pick an element and match it with a simple t-shirt or a solid color dress.  Now walk with style in those cowboy boots!  (As seen in Kenneth Cole, Tibi, and Cushnie et Ochs)


Now that you’re in the know about the latest looks, just pick whatever style you want in confidence.  You decide if you can or can’t pull a look!  And we think you can!  Now if you excuse us, we have to go clean out our closets to make some room...


Stay beautiful!