top metabolism boosters

Congratulations, you’re now on week 2 of making your metabolism a lean mean fat burning machine with all the mega boosters we discussed last week!  Added to the foods on these lists, also make sure you’re eating breakfast to start your day so your metabolism gets all the fuel it needs to get active and running.  Below are 4 foods that can help rev it up:

5.  BCAA Powder

BCAA or branched-chain amino acids help build muscle and you don’t even need to lift weights!  Ahhh this day has finally arrived…  Well, it does help if you lift weights! But, just in case you’re pressed for time and can’t make it to the gym, this precious powder helps repair your body to build muscle.  And muscle burns calories 3 times more than fat does.  BCAA has two main compounds Isoleucine that works on glucose metabolism and leucine that increases energy while burning excess fat.  How great is that?  You’re welcome.


6.  Tempeh

If tofu is the king of soy then consider tempeh his queen.  This soy based super food is actually healthier than tofu because, unlike the cheese curd, which only contains soy protein, tempeh also has fiber and antioxidants.  Tempeh works in two ways to speed up your metabolic rate: by its protein density and its probiotic content both of which have been shown to increase your body’s energy expenditure during digestion.  We won’t lie, this in no way can replace your juicy T-bone steak, so don’t even try because its nougat like texture is hard to conceal!  So, just crumble it on top of salads for added crunch and you should be happy and healthy.  (You can find it at vitamin shops or body building stores)


7.  Hot Peppers

Jalapeno, cayenne, and other spicy peppers increase circulation resulting in an acceleration of your metabolism.  The reason is due to a chemical called capsaicin which is the active component in chili peppers and what gives them that serious heat!  This is the reason why you may be sweating after a particularly spicy meal even if you’re in an air-conditioned restaurant.  No amount of A.C can rival what capsaicin is doing to your body’s pain receptors.  And although you may not like the sweating, you will sure love the 25% spike in metabolism that lasts up to 3 hours!  Peppers anyone?


8. Ice Cold Water

Ok, and because we totally love you, here’s a super easy one.  H2O and that’s it! There’s not one person on the planet who can’t do this water tip.  There’s just one tiny trick though – nothing too easy or you’ll get bored – you have to drink at least 8 glasses and super cold to see an impact.  The amount shouldn’t be too problematic given that you should be drinking this amount for good health anyway.  When you drink very cold water, your body has to use much of its energy in that moment to bring the liquid to your core body temperature of 98 degrees.  Cheers to that!  Brrrrrr.


As always, check with your physician before starting any routine.  These mega metabolism boosters will help you burn more calories even when you sleep because a fast metabolism means more calories burned – and that’s 24/7! 


Be healthy, be happy!