For Wilma Schumann, beauty is a whole body experience.  We believe in overall health and beauty so we hope you enjoy our article on metabolism boosters.  Healthy Body, Glowing Skin, Happy Girl!


Is a fast metabolism something you wish for on Christmas Eve as you wipe the ginger cookie crumbs from your pajamas?  Appears like your metabolism is a lottery in the genetic pool.  You’re either blessed and born with an efficient one or less fortunate and get the one that’s on the continuous holiday.  Either way your metabolism plays a key role in weight loss.  Seems like with age or gender, you’re stuck with whatever you’re born with.  But no!  Actually there is evidence that you CAN in fact change your metabolism.  Here are some effective metabolism boosters for you to try:


1.  Oolong Tea

The Chinese secret is out!  Finally an easy and delicious metabolism booster!  Because who isn’t able to enjoy a warm cup of tea.  Oolong is the Rolls Royce of teas in the weight loss world because these precious leaves contain caffeine, PLUS have two super chemicals called theophylline and theobromine, similar to coffee but with even higher intensity when it comes to increasing metabolism efficiency.  The effects of this fat burning drink lasts up to 120 minutes after your first sip.  And if that weren’t enough, it also helps with concentration and osteoporosis.  So, Oolong has a looong list of benefits :)


2.  Ginger Root

You know that nice warm feeling in your mouth whenever you eat ginger?  Well, it continues down into your body as you digest this herb.  It’s been discovered that ginger can speed up metabolism up to 20 percent!  The main ingredients in ginger are terpenes and ginger oil which have antiseptic properties that promote circulation, perspiration, and detoxing.  Next time you start sweating after a gingery meal, think of your internal organs working out on your behalf.  Now, who wouldn’t love that?


3. White Bean Extract

White bean extract or Phaselous Vulgaris, is a serious weight loss aid.  Its less scientific name, “Starch Blocker”, is a testament to its effectiveness.  This extract actually blocks your body from storing sugars as fat when you’ve had a rush of sucrose in any particular meal.  The extract prevents the body from leaving behind too much glucose for the body to convert into fat and therefore the less weight for you to gain.  Not only is white bean extract great for weight loss but it’s particularly good with belly fat – the most dreaded fat of all!  So ladies, if it’s between lipo or taking white bean extract, we think this starch blocker takes the prize.  (You can find it online or health food stores)


4.  Apple Cider Vinegar

There’s a big chance that you have some vinegar hiding somewhere in your pantry.  You barely use it but you keep it there just in case, right?  But did you know all the health benefits this acid elixir can bring to your body?  For starters, vinegar works by slowing the absorption of carbs and keeps blood sugar nice and stable.  While doing this, vinegar is also fantastic at suppressing appetite because it has the same amount of pectin as a real apple so you feel fuller faster and without all that strenuous chewing!


Besides eating all these super foods, make sure you eat at least 5 times a day so your metabolism keeps on running and doesn’t enter “starvation mode” which may slow it down.  See how many of these suggestions you can incorporate in your meals and remember to always check with your doctor before trying any.  Stay tuned for the other 4 Top Boosters we’ll be talking about next week!


Be healthy, be beautiful!