In the expanding and fascinating sea of anti-aging products, it’s absolutely an overwhelming task to know which ingredients are right for us. When to use them? How? In what order? …and forget about reading that lengthy ingredients list with tiny ophthalmologist-test size print!  Besides, who walks around with a magnifying glass trying to decipher super long words we don’t even know what they are or what they do?  It can be completely confusing.  And what do you do?  You end up doing what we all always do.  We go back to same basics for a possible cure-all and when they don’t work, the cycle starts again.  We might as well go blindfolded looking for skin care. 


There are some “All-Star” ingredients that you should be looking for in your skin care if you want to see some amazing results.  Below we break it down so you can become your very own ingredient detective.


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