Let’s face it, there can’t be anything worse in the world than having acne.  Well, ok, maybe not the worst thing.  Surely getting stranded alone in an island or getting hit by a meteorite are probably worse.  But having acne is a close third, right?  Ok, maybe not, but it’s pretty bad.  Anyone who’s had problem skin knows exactly what I’m talking about.  You go to bed frustrated with your skin and wake up worse.  Somehow during nighttime, your acne has managed to multiply.  It gets to the point where no make-up can cover the mess you’re in.  Not to mention the wound to your self-esteem.  No makeup to cover that with!  Ok, so the point is that acne sucks.  But we are here to the rescue!  There are some tested secrets that will help get you clear skin for good.  You heard right.  For good!




1-Start and end your day with lemons

While on an empty stomach in the morning squeeze a full lemon in half a cup of warm water and drink.  Wait 45 minutes to eat breakfast.  Do the same at night.  Lemons are incredibly cleansing to your liver which is a big cause of acne especially around the temples and forehead.  Also, lemons are incredibly alkalizing to your body, which means they take it to normal pH levels where it’s harder for bacteria to live.


2-Become friends with Zinc and Vitamin A

Vitamin A has always been widely popular for its benefits on skin and eyes, but many people don’t get enough of it from their food or multivitamins.  If you have skin related issues, it may be helpful to take it in separate form with at least 10,000 IU.  Another lesser known supplement but just as powerful, Zinc is one strong fighter against acne by keeping your immune system healthy and strong.  You would need between 50 -100mg to see an impact in your skin.


3-Probiotics rule!             

Believe it or not there is a direct correlation between digestive health and skin condition.  When you don’t digest your food properly, toxins are created and need to come out somewhere somehow.  If you have problem skin, it will usually manifest in the form of acne.  Probiotics keep your gut happy and healthy.  Try to find one that works for you and if you’re sensitive to dairy, make sure yours is vegan or dairy free.


4-Food does have an impact

So here’s the bad news.  There are some harmful foods that can cause serious damage to your skin.  The worst offenders being: Chocolate, dairy, simple carbs, shellfish, and sodas.  On the other hand, there are some vegetables that love your skin and aid in clearing the toxins from your body such as carrots, spinach, celery, kale, parsley, cucumbers, broccoli, and red peppers.  Some fruits are also beneficial just make sure that they are low in sugar. 


5-Cheers to Aloe juice!

Aloe Vera is full of some potent minerals which help with metabolism and detoxification of the colon and blood stream. It’s very important to keep the colon clean to prevent toxins from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream causing severe breakouts on your face.  Aloe juice cleanses you on the inside.  Just be sure to always take it on an empty stomach and not more than 4 ounces a day.


One last thing, it’s always a good idea to compliment your internal regimen with a good topical treatment for better and faster results.  When choosing acne products, make sure to look for some key ingredients such as Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, or Oxo-Chloro Complex.  


There you go!  You have completed Part #1 of our 3 part Acne series.  Don’t miss our blog next Wednesday when we reveal more secrets for clear skin! 

Stay tuned.  Stay beautiful!