We all dream about it, read on it, and try – key word being “try” – to do all we can to keep our skin youthful, plump and healthy forever.  There shouldn’t just be only one JLO, right?  Sometimes it’s hard to commit to all that is needed for skin excellence.  Other times we just really don’t know what’s all that’s needed to achieve the famous fountain of youth when it comes to our complexion.  But, here we are coming to your rescue!  We have broken down the top ten behaviors you can start implementing in your life to start enjoying that much desired youthful skin.


1- Mind your eating

We know what you’re thinking.  Food makes me happy and happiness makes me glow.  But, oh no…!  Food is a very large component in the way your skin looks (read more on Clear Skin here).  A healthy and balanced diet is a top contributor in making your skin radiant and beautiful.  It’s vital that you ingest all the required vitamins and mineral for your body.  A diet poor in nutrients and vitamins will make your skin look opaque and worn down.  Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily.


2- Drink to beauty

We mean water and nothing else, don’t get too excited J  But, hopefully you love H20 as much as we do.  Water is incredibly important to hydrate your skin from the inside.  You need to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin elastic, supple, and hydrated.  And no… tea, coffee, and juices don’t count in those 6-8 glasses.  It should be pure water from any of your favorite brands or home filtered.


3- No smoking here

Smoking is not just harmful to the skin, but our entire organism as a whole.  Tobacco intoxicates the body and destroys the epidermis by preventing our skin from being oxygenated and revitalized.  It also causes serious illnesses, bad breath, and stains teeth.  Yep, not pretty.  Time to trash that pack!


4- Watch what you drink

Alcohol and coffee dehydrate your skin enormously. Caffeine has a diuretic effect and will increase perspiration. Alcohol reduces the level of oxygen on our bloodstream affecting the production of collagen and reducing skin’s firmness and elasticity. Go easy on these two.


5- Sweet dreams

Skin is absolutely amazing because it really recovers super-fast.  But we shouldn’t use this as an excuse to abuse it.  Sleeping well is key because your body enters its repair mode.  It renews itself as older skin cells are being replaced by new ones as well as rebalancing and restoring the rest of the body.  So, go ahead, set the DVR and go to bed, you can watch Letterman tomorrow. Your skin will thank you.


6- Don’t worry, be happy

Relax and have fun in a healthy way.  Stress and depression are detrimental to your health and ages the way you look manifesting in those pesky wrinkles.  Find the best way for you to relax and de-stress.  Learn techniques that go with your personality.  Whether it’s meditation, cooking, or bungee jumping; find your inner ommmm and practice it.


7- Love the sun with care

We know you sun goddess!  It’s ok, we have some good news.  Being exposed to the sun moderately can actually be beneficial (Check out Reasons to Love the Sun).  But (and a big “but”), it is when you overdo it that can turn unsafe and destructive.  You must avoid direct sunlight and you should always use a sun block containing UVA and UVB protection with over 15 SPF on all areas of the body.  Excessive sunlight accelerates the skin aging process and causes sun spots.


8- Shake it!

Work out that body.  You need to move and do some cardio to increase your blood circulation to the body and especially to your skin.  You don’t have to kill yourself in a gym but make sure you do some moderate exercise to sweat enough so that you have blood flow and renewing of your skin cells.


9- Keep it clean

Your mom was right, and isn’t she most of the time?  You need to take your make up off at night.  No matter how tired or late it is, take it off please or your pores won’t like it.  You should be washing your face morning and night with lukewarm water. 


10- Hydrate it right

During the day, your skin is constantly being threatened by pollution, contaminants, temperature changes, the sun, air conditioning, smoke, etc.  Therefore, it’s extremely important that you keep your skin moisturized and protected with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, lipids, collagen, vitamins A & E, DMAE, alpha lipoic acids and peptides that can defend it against all environmentally unsafe conditions. 


Soft, luminous, and smooth is how your skin should be looking with the help of our 10 Commandments because we agree with you, there shouldn’t just be one JLO, Sandra Bullock or Charlize Theron.  You too deserve to look youthful, no matter what age you are.


Shine on!