If you wake up with dozens of hairs left on your pillow, you’re not alone.  It’s true that hair extensions are great, but wouldn’t you love to have that gorgeous mane all of your own?   Besides, who wants to endure 5 hours at a salon and sit through pulls and turns with sticky hair glue in your head?  We don’t!  Many women are susceptible to hair loss, but you don’t have to be one of them.  The key is determining the culprit and start treating it as soon as you see a change in your hair shedding pattern.  Losing a hundred hairs a day is normal.  Losing 400 and clogging the shower every day, is not.  Below we uncover the best tips for your Giselle-like tresses.



Eat right

-Believe it or not, good nutrition is at the core of healthy and happy locks.  Hair is made up of proteins that determine their growth and volume.  Eating them frequently really helps in having it stronger while lowering any chances for hair loss, breakage, or brassiness.  The best sources of protein are lean meats, milk, egg whites, nuts (almonds and Brazil nuts), legumes, and fish (salmon and blue fish).



-Scalp massages are the easiest and most efficient ways of promoting good hair condition and strength since they improve circulation and blood flow.  Good circulation makes it possible for hair follicles to get all the necessary nutrients they need for healthy development and faster growth.  Using only your fingertips (no nails please!) massage your scalp vigorously for 10 minutes under the shower with cold water 3-4 times a week.


Check your hormones

-Hormonal imbalances after childbirth, getting to menopause or the use of birth control pills, all can be attributed to an increase in hair loss. Yeah! We can’t wait!  Not.  Added to the natural phases we go through, other reasons can be pointed to falling hair such as prescription medications. Anti-depressants, Accuntane, high blood pressure, and thyroid medication all have shown to weaken hair follicles and increase shedding.  It would be helpful to see an endocrinologist to determine if you have a hormonal imbalance.  You could be a candidate for Spironolactone which reduces elevated androgen levels in the body that cause hair loss. 


Stop stress

-Relax Now... Please.  Dealing with daily demands and having to handle so many challenges is extremely stressful.  Moving, divorce, job loss or even forgetting to set the DVR to your favorite show (no worries, we won’t judge) can all cause you great anxiety.  Next time you’re about to burst, count to 10 and remember that tension and worry halts hair growth.  If you’re noticing a need to vacuum your bathroom floor more often than before, check the events of your week.  You may not have noticed that your body is trying to tell you something.  Unfortunately, it’s through losing hair you may find out you’re stressed out.  Wish we could get the stress warning through a less “beauty diminishing” way like hair loss…Wish we could just get a tweet ;)




-Don’t use hot water to wash your hair.  It harms your scalp and affects follicle health.

-Don’t over-shampoo.  If possible, try to reduce washing your hair to 3 times a week.

-Don’t brush or comb wet hair until it is at least 70% dry.  Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet.

-Don’t abuse the blow dryer or flat iron.

-Don’t go on crash diets.  The lack of nutrients will disturb your hair first and foremost.

-Don’t go too long without trimming hair ends.

-Don’t pile on product. Hair follicles get clogged and die when they can’t breathe.  This causes the hair to fall.

-Don’t overdo it with straightening treatments.  Keratin, Yuko and Thermal reconditioning put too much stress on the scalp and you will shed as a response.


A beautiful head of hair is a sign of health and youth, so start taking care of those gorgeous locks of yours.  You still have many shakes of hair ahead of you!  Hair loss is never pretty but you don’t have to be a victim of it anymore, or ever again with these tips.  Start taking care of your tresses and your well-being will reflect in shiny voluminous hair. 


Know your worth, stay amazing!