It’s a new year, it’s a new day, and it’s a new way!  This is the year when we’ll get the six pack abs, meditate two hours a day, learn Italian, start a journal, eat more veggies… or at least one veggie, and basically get as many resolutions as we can handle and get totally overwhelmed.  Sounds like a blast!  Why do we do that?  Aren’t we already super packed in our to-do lists?  We thought so too.  It is why we created an easy breezy Resolutions List you will love to keep and follow.  We have made it super simple so you can have your best skin year in 2015.  


Remove your makeup, ALWAYS

This has to be one of the easiest way to avoid breakouts ever.  It’s also one of the main offenses in skin care because when we leave on makeup from the day to go to bed, we’re also leaving a few other things you don’t think about like street pollution, cell phone bacteria, sweat, dead skin cells, and did we mention anybody that has kissed you on the cheeks throughout the day?  You’re taking their bacteria to bed as well.  So, as tired as you are, it’s crucial that you remove all the icky stuff and do a quick wash, even if it’s all you do.  You should be going to bed with just your PJ’s or just perfume if you’re Marilyn Monroe ;)


Add Serums to your routine

Oh no! Another step in our rushed day?  Is this for real?  Yes and no.  So here’s the truth about serums.  If you have oily skin, an oil free serum is all you need and can replace your moisturizer.  If you have dry skin, you can add a serum before your moisturizer and having both will increase both products’ potency.  Here’s why serums RULE:  They often have smaller molecules than creams and can be better absorbed by the skin.  They also have a higher concentration of active ingredients (as high as 70%), so you really see results and more glow to your face.  So we wouldn’t make you add this one unless it was totally worth it.  You can thank us later… 


Take your Vitamin C

By taking we mean applying to your pretty face.  Vitamin C can really maximize your results when it comes to anti-aging because it’s a powerful antioxidant and prevents cell damage that is exposed to free radicals and solar radiation.  Another plus of this beauty vitamin is that it increases collagen synthesis, which lowers with aging.  Vitamin C also helps to even out skin tone as it lightens and brightens to reveal a more radiant complexion.


Look for topical Hyaluronic acid

How great would it be if 2015 was the year of no pain?  And by no pain we mean any kind, like traffic, slow internet, pointy shoes, and yes, needles.  Well, with topical Hyaluronic acid, we have relieved one source of discomfort for you because you don’t need to inject anything with a cream that includes this anti-aging powerhouse.  The potent ingredient is designed to hydrate and plump the skin and when used topically there’s zero downtime needed.  It also works long term because the more you apply, the more your body produces collagen and elastin for even better results.  You can find pure Hyaluronic acid in cream, gel or masks such as Hydra gels Professional Masques


Give your décolleté some TLC

The skin on your neck and chest are special areas of your body that are as important aesthetically to your beauty as the skin on your face but most times we don’t know how to treat it.  To take care of this delicate skin, it’s important to keep in mind two key words: hydration and elasticity.  This skin suffers much wear and tear due to environmental conditions and harsh drying soaps.  Since this part of the body tends to be the driest due to less oil glands, you should apply your moisturizer as soon as you step out of the shower, while your skin is still wet.  Also, when it comes to exfoliation, less is more for the chest area and once a month is all you need.  It should also be a thicker and denser than your face cream and include SPF.  For better absorption and to encourage lifting, you can apply a European massage technique of upward strokes from chest toward the chin until the cream is fully absorbed.  Try top rated Neck & Bust Intensiv Firming Creme


Happy New Year, Happy New You!  This is the perfect time for a skin care overhaul and apply all your beauty-savvy resolutions so you glow all year long.


Have a fabulous 2015!