We’ve always heard that the best beauty secret is to smile, and fortunately it’s also the cheapest for those of us on a budget!  But, have you ever wondered what women in other parts of the world do to become beautiful?  Beauty secrets are as unique as each culture.  Luckily it’s passed down one generation to the next, so we all can benefit from it.  The best part is you don’t even have to travel to the other side of the globe to learn these beauty tricks.  You can find most ingredients on the grocery isle.  You can still travel to the other side of the globe if you would like.  We won’t be the ones to stop any fierce woman from adventure ;)



One of India’s best beauty tip is the use of coconut oil as hair conditioner.  Women in India leave it on all day long, the way we do with leave-in conditioners.  Coconut oil nourishes your scalp, strengthens hair and adds amazing shine!  It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll feel you’re getting pampered at a four seasons in Maui.  This is one beauty treatment you’ll be happy to overdo, if necessary!



If there’s any country that knows the benefits of potatoes it is Spain.  This is a basic ingredient in Spanish cuisine and home remedies.  It’s also a well-kept secret for the ladies.  They use it to eliminate dark under circles under their eyes by applying a couple of cold slices on their lids for 20 minutes.  They swear it works much better than any concealer.



The Aussies are known for their great sense of humor and their love of fitness.  Another thing they love is the sun.  That’s why most girls there use pureed papaya all over their body to moisturize it after spending endless hours outdoors.  Papaya also helps turn a reddish tan into a golden hue due the mellowing effect of papain, the enzyme found in the fruit.  Leave on the papaya paste for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.



This part of the world is well known in the Latin culture for their women’s beautiful and natural complexions.  Women here have enviable skin.  They exfoliate their face once a month with a mix of crushed red grapes and whole wheat flour, leaving it on for 20 minutes.  Red grapes contain resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant with maximum anti-aging benefits.



Have you ever seen Italian women’s gorgeous tresses?  They take care of it with a very simple recipe: 1 whole cup of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of pure olive oil.  They mix it up and apply it as hair conditioner.  They then rinse with super cold water.  The shine is gorgeous, or should we say molto bellisimo



French ladies know a thing or two about looking sexy… ok, they know more like fifty, but in the interest of word space, we’ll talk about two here.  A very well kept secret is that they use Savon Noir or black soap which is a special cleanser made from black oil from flaxseeds very popular in Morocco and Algeria.  It’s usually used in Turkish baths to clean, exfoliate, and increase circulation for increased luminosity.  You can find savon noir online.  Another skin trick to keep skin clear and glowing is they drink a full glass of water right before bed and just after waking up to flush toxins away from the skin.



In this part of the world, they give much value to everything that nature has to offer and many natural remedies are used for several things, including beauty.  Oil made from the Tamarind fruit, native from tropical regions, is extensively used by women here to make their skin extra soft and radiant.  The oil also helps clear darker areas of the body such as elbows, knees, and armpits.  Tamarind oil can be found in health food stores.



This country boasts being the titleholder for the most Miss Universe winners in history with a total of 8 crowns.  The Miss Venezuela pageant has become quite well known for a special diet followed by contestants one month prior to competing for Miss Universe to vanish cellulite.  Canned tuna (water packed) and pineapple is what these beauties swear by for 30 days for perfectly firms derrieres.  And by the number of winners, we think it works pretty well!  Now, if we could only find that can opener…


There you have it ladies, no frightening lists here!  No scary snail slime to put on your face or having to eat weird shape fungi for beauty.  “No pain, no gain” is a myth to us and don’t you already do many unpleasant things during the day?  Go ahead indulge with this list of beauty tricks.


Stay radiant!