Has winter done a number on your skin?   You have spent the past months outdoors doing fun winter sports and then indoors with drying heaters and ultra-low humidity.  Your skin is probably not too happy now.  Can you say dry, flaky and irritated?  If you’re looking for a way to give your skin a fresh start, you’ve come to the right place!


Spring Clean Your Products

Even before we start discussing the how to’s we need to make sure our products are in tip top shape with their active ingredients still… well, still active!  Spring is a wonderful time to toss products that have been around too long or endured drastic temperature changes, both of which will alter the product’s effectiveness.  Remember that once opened, eye creams last 3 months, face creams 12 months and SPF products can last up to 3 years but only if they’re within the expiration date.


Exfoliate but Don’t Overdo It

This is a typical mistake most of us make when getting out of winter.  We can feel the top layers of dead skin cells piling up all over our body like we’re part human part lizard.  We can’t wait until we have to remove massive layers of clothing to bare our skin so we can over scrub and over exfoliate to death until we get our baby skin back!  Well, this is a big no-no and can actually backfire quickly. Winter’s low temps may have damaged the outer protective layer of skin and over scrubbing it can expose skin to bacteria and irritants.  Slough off dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator that combines Glycolic Acid and Aloe like the Exfoliating Facial Serum.


Switch Your Moisturizer

This an important time to check what is useful and what is not, at home, in life, and also in the ingredient list of your skin care products.  The heavy rich creams that your face used to be able to absorb in the chilly winter, will no longer be necessary for spring.  You need to “lighten up” in every sense of the word so we’re talking serums here ladies :)  They are lighter than creams and pack 75% more punch in potency.  What else can we ask for?   Serums are also wonderful since most are water based and you won’t risk having clogged pores and break outs during warmer months.  And now that you’ll see the sun more often than the clouds, make sure you add SPF protection to prevent collagen breakdown.  Always ease your skin into spring time with regards to sun exposure.  You want to look like a glow goddess, not a cooked lobster.  Try oil-free Oxygen Moisturizing Serum.


Tend To Your Neck & Decollete

This area has been hidden from humanity all winter with heavy scarves and chunky sweaters but now we need to start to get it ready for lighter clothes and more sunlight.  Don’t forget that this part of the body has thinner skin, is more fragile and worse yet, you can’t do Botox or Restylane here!  Boo hoo.  But there are wonderful products with high concentrations of Argireline (acts like topical Botox) which combats wrinkles by inhibiting the release of the neurotransmitters attached to muscle movement, therefore, creating less wrinkles.  Argireline is so potent that studies show a reduction in wrinkle depth of 30% in only 30 days.  Look for creams with Argireline like Neck & Bust Intensiv Friming Crème.


Bump Up Your Antioxidants

Spring time is also a great period for a vitamin overhaul and self-check of your diet!  Not all vitamins and minerals are necessary at all times.  Different temperatures and sun exposures mean you need to readjust your plan at the change of the seasons.  This way your skin is always protected and most importantly, always always youthful!  You can greatly improve the results of an excellent skin care routine if you maximize it internally with the right nutrients.  Now that the weather is nicer and warmer, you will be spending more time outdoors which will increase your exposure to free radicals in polluted air and sun exposure.  Your skin will greatly benefit from adding vitamins A, E, C, and K and consuming blueberries, nuts, dark green veggies, sweet potatoes and sardines.


Now, isn’t this spring cleaning a lot more fun than cleaning windows and scrubbing floors?  It’s time to give yourself the chance to shop for some new products for your re-emerging beautiful skin…and we’ll make sure that when you’re ready, we’ll be here for you!


Have a magnificent Spring!