skin care mistakes

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 40’s or 60’s, we all have something we carry everywhere as our presentation card - our skin.  But we’re making serious skin mistakes and we don’t even know it.  What?  How? Yes, our lives are so busy!  Who has time for a formal skin care routine anyway?  Isn’t that for people like JLO and Angelina Jolie?  Well, you don’t have to be a celebrity to build some great habits and get rid of the bad ones.  And with skin so gorgeous you’ll feel and look like a star!


1. Don’t leave your skin bare for more than a minute

We know how it goes…you step out of the shower and first you’re wiping the mirror from all that steam.  Then you take the magnifying glass and torture your skin for a bit taking advantage that your pores are still open.  Then you go check your phone because you swear you heard it ring while you were shampooing.  Before you know it, you’ve already spent at least 10 minutes since you showered and your skin is dry as sand paper!  This is an easy step that makes a big difference because your skin is ready and thirsty for all those nice ingredients in your face and body creams.  So next time, make sure you moisturize within 60 seconds of getting dried and then you can return all the calls you want ;)


2.  Know your skin type

It’s very frustrating when you buy a treatment and you don’t see any results.  You buy it all excited and you use it fanatically!  Then you wait and wait…  One day, two days, one week, two weeks, and nothing... Then bam!  You both break up.  In it goes into the skin care graveyard along with all the other disappointments that didn’t delivery on their promise.  But the problem is you may not be using the exact ingredients that you skin type needs.  It’s key that you study your skin requirements and what your objectives are for your skin so you can find a good match you’re happy with.   Also take into account that your skin needs are seasonal too.  Summer and winter may offer different challenges and your routine should be adapted to wind or sweat.  The best way to know for sure what your type is, would be to ask your dermatologist, esthetician, or do an online test for it.  You’ll see how your products will now be far more effective!


3. Don’t overdose on exfoliants

Seems like the more you exfoliate, the more your skin should glow.  But it’s a mistake that most people make where you think that the more you sting and burn, the better it’s working.  Very harsh acids and using them in combination are doing more harm than good.  Here we need to learn from cavemen, or cavewomen – that left their skin alone and yet had very healthy skin.  You don’t recall seeing any facial brushes on any museum of science, do you?  We are now obsessed with the over cleanliness, but actually too much exfoliation will harm your moisture barrier and instead of glowing skin, you can get inflammation, dehydration and even hyperpigmentation.  Yikes!  You thought you were doing something good!  So relax, and give your skin – and fingers – some much needed rest.  You only need to exfoliate mildly once a week.


4.  Don’t use alcohol based toners

Alcohol is another big time skin offender because it strips your skin of much needed moisture.  You may feel great because your skin feels squeaky clean but that super tight feeling on your face is your skin screaming out in pain.  Also, if you’re acne prone, alcohol may dry your skin so much it will react by overproducing oil, so instead of clean, you will now look bumpy and shiny.  Not what you want to accomplish.  There are many wonderful alcohol free toners in the market, so look for one that meets your needs.


5.  Don’t wash your face with soap

This is a big no-no in skin care!  And by no-no, we mean terror and insult for your skin.  Sure it’s easy breezy because the bar of soap is right there, and it’s late at night so what’s the big deal?  Well, the reason why soap holds its shape into that pretty bar is because it’s filled with binders that have super high PH which is way too stripping for our soft delicate skin.  It’s meant for rougher parts of our bodies like our hands and feet.  But the face shouldn’t be in need of this kind of washing that can actually create dead cell build up.  Look for a cleanser that’s sulfate and soap free and leave the bar soap for tougher jobs!


Now you see that looking gorgeous does not have to be reserved for the stars!  Now you can get rid of these 5 common mistakes and start building on a gentle routine that can actually be easier while also keeping your skin youthful and beautiful.    Get glowing!